Electric Walnut Cracker, Cracking Machine
The Machine of this invention is particularly useful for cracking black walnuts, but it is useful for cracking other types of hard-shelled nuts also. It is especially useful to relatively small scale nut growers, because it is rugged and effective. Because black walnut shells are abrasive and because the meat of a black walnut is different to extract, it is necessary and desirable to fragment the shells to a greater degree than required for pecans and English walnuts. However, this machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate nusts such as English walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecans. One our objectives is to provide a nut cracking machine that is rugged, dependable, relatively simple as caompared with prior machines, and effective to crack and permit the extraction of the meat from hard-shelled nuts in quantity.   Objective
commercial Electric Walnut nutcracker
Mohabi Nutcracker
Commercial Electric Nut Cracking Machine
Eastern Black Walnut Cracker

Mohabi Nutcracking Machine

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