Electric Walnut Cracker, Cracking Machine
Price  $5000.00
plus s/h
This machine is built to crack black walnuts, which are the hardest nuts to crack.  Since it will do this with ease, it will also crack all smaller and softer nuts.  The machine's solid steel design is very strong and durable.  It weighs over 250 lbs.  It will crack a 5 gallon bucket full of nuts over 20 lbs. worth in less than 1 minute.  The machine is adjustable to all sizes of nuts.  There is a slide plate to move closer or farther from the roller.  This will allow you to crack all sizes of nuts and also governs how cracked you want them.  It runs on an electric motor that is 110v, with a gear drive reducer to slow the roller down.  We are a small company and make the machines when ordered.  We do not sell a lot of these machines because it's a limited market.  Most of are customers are in the nut cracking business of some kind or end up being in the cracking business after buying a machine.   Most of our machines sold have been picked up right here at our shop.  But we have shipped a few. 
    I get lots of questions about separating the shells from the meat.  Unfortunately I have not found a mechanical way of doing this and it still has to be done by hand.  We are however working on a prototype  machine to hull the walnuts. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
To watch video, Click Here.
commercial Electric Walnut nutcracker
Mohabi Nutcracker
Commercial Electric Nut Cracking Machine
Eastern Black Walnut Cracker

Mohabi Nutcracking Machine

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The price for the machine is $5000.00 plus shipping and handling.
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